About Me

Hello!!!!! I'm Caroline Voigt and I'm 18 years old. I’m from the the suburbs of New York City and attend Manhattan College, which is located in the Bronx (false advertising, I'm well aware).

I have always loved fashion because what your wearing is always your first impression, right?  I have been told that I dress like a suburban mom and I'm starting to see it. I don't own sweatpants and never wear the same exact outfit twice.

I hate being bored and hold a multitude of jobs. Currently I do marketing and social media for VarCity Studios and Les Tout Petits. I also do a lot of freelance marketing and consulting work hoping it will help with my dream job: becoming Don Draper from Mad Men.

I love 90s hip hop, junk food, and Ocean's 11.

Hope you stick around and enjoy watching my style evolve (seriously though, look back at some of my first blog posts, disgusting).

-Caroline Voigt

Disclaimer: Some products and services featured on this blog were sent to me by companies. If you buy something from any links on the site I may earn commission. But all opinions are my own and I would never do anything against my readers best interest.