Saturday at the Met

My friend Lauryn and I spent the day at the Met. I know nothing about art but it was fun to pretend.


Icy Ankles

Not sure if I like this look, or if I look like an off duty flight attendant that lost her luggage. I was warm, except for my poor ankles.

I spent the day roaming around Lower Manhattan with the fabulous Katie Magennis, before having to drop her off at Grand Central :(



What I have been up to...

Spotted on the 1 train uptown.


Halloween Weekend 2018

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I never have a good costume. I fear the dreaded "what are you?". This year, I went to the thrift store a few weeks in advance with my friend Lauryn. I hoped I would find something that peaked my interest. BOY WAS I RIGHT. I found this black fur coat (featured below) and it came to me: I have to be Kris Jenner.

A few days later, I went back to the same thrift store and bought this 80's sweatsuit. I went for the simple "80's girl" look (basic, I know), but then I realized I really just like look like Rakim from the "Don't Sweat The Technique" artwork.