West Palm Beach Snaps

It is 38 degrees and raining as I post this...


Everything that happened to me in 2018.

Watched Mackenzie walk her first runway at New York Fashion Week.

I FaceTimed her mom from the audience.

I surprised my mom with a trip to Nashville!


Prom happened!

School trip to Atlanta.

Katie, Lily, and I were all co-presidents of DECA because we didn't want to run against each other.

I graduated high school!

Surprising I made it through high school, but for college all bets are off.

Went to a show during Men's New York Fashion Week that was on a SAILBOAT.

I got to help out with the 'Paramus Veterans Poker Project'.

Watch the video! My dad and his friends did something really cute!

I went skydiving!

I went to college.

Manhattan College Class of 2022 (if I make it that far!).

I was Kris Jenner for Halloween.

This might have been my peak.

Overall year rating: 9.8/10.

I met some great people, got some cool new jobs, and had a lot of fun. Happy New Year!


Christmas Eve 2018

Belated, but here ya go!



I spent a few days after Christmas in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Bag credits to my dear friend Danielle Amato, of Danielle Amato Apparel.
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